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I have a desktop PC running XP. I previously used a MAC and Gallery Remote to upload photos but I couldnt get that program to work on my PC. So here are the instructions for using filezilla:

- Go to

- Download FileZilla_3.0.1_win32-setup.exe

- Once installed open filezilla and open site manager (from file menu)

- Click on the new site button (you can call it whatever you like)

- Host name is antiflux

- Port is 22

- Servertype is SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol

- Logontype is normal

- Put in your username and password

- Click okay

- Directly below the file button is a computer symbol. You can use this to quickly connect to antiflux, so click on it and select the connection you just made

- In the box below where it says host you should get something like the following but with your username: Status: Connecting to Response: fzSftp started Command: open "[email protected]" 22

- After you are logged in you need to tell filezilla where you are uploading your photos to. In the box that has the title "Remote Site:" open the home folder and find your user name and open that. I then created a folder called photos just to keep everything organized. Double click on "photos" folder or whatever you call it.

- To the left of the "Remote Site" box is the "Local Site" box. This is your hard drive. Select the area where your photos are located.

- Once you are in the right area for example: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\Holiday Pics then click on that folder in the 2nd box below "Local Site" and drag the folder to the box directly to the right (the 2nd box below "Remote Site") and release.

- You should now see things happening in the very bottom box that shows everything about the transfers. There are 3 tabs in this section: Queued files, Failed transfers and Successful transfers. If there is a disconnection from the server you'll get some unfinished transfers and they'll end up in the failed transfers section. Just click on that tab and right click on any photo in there. Select Reset and Re queue and it'll get put back in the queue. Now wait for all the photos to be uploaded.

- Okay so now you need to login to your antiflux website through your browser (eg Explorer or Mozilla)

- Once logged in click on Add Items and then on the From Local Server Tab.

- Click on /home once then on find files

- Go to your directory and double click then double click on "Photos" or whatever you called it

- Select "Holiday Pics" or whatever you called it and then click add files. After they are transferred you should get a message saying all files successfully moved.

- Now your photos should be on your website and ready to be renamed, moved etc to your pleasing.

- The final step is to go back to Filezilla, right click on holiday pics in the "Remote Site" box and delete them. This will take your photos off the antiflux remote site.

Problems I've encountered - Authentification failed when logging in to antiflux through filezilla. I changed my password a few weeks ago but filezilla login would only work with my old password.

- Some photos wont upload. For some unknown reason I've had some photos just refuse to upload. I changed the names of them on my hard drive then uploaded them again and they worked. Don't ask me why that is but it seems to do the trick.

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