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Using Antiflux SSL certificates

The Antiflux webmail interface uses SSL for security. The SMTP and IMAP servers (both at use the same certificate so that you can send and receive mail securely. We use a certificate from Let's Encrypt that should be recognized by all modern web browsers and email clients.

Note: We previously maintained our own root CA (certificate authority) and signed our own certificates. This is no longer the case, so the rest of this page is only for historical reference.

To use our SSL certificates, it's handy to intall our root CA (certificate authority) certificate. That way, you won't get any warnings about insecure certificates. Ours are just as secure as certificates signed by Verisign or GeoTrust. It's just that your computer doesn't know about us (yet).

Installing the Antiflux Root CA on OS X

Download and double click on it to import it. A window will pop up asking if you want to add the certificates to a keychain. Select the "X509 Anchors" keychain and click OK. Make sure you select the correct keychain, since programs like Mail and Safari won't find the certificate if it's in the wrong keychain.

add certificate dialogue box

Safari, Mail, and other applications that use OS X's built-in SSL management will now accept SSL certificates issued by Antiflux.

Installing the Antiflux Root CA in Firefox

Download to your computer. Open Firefox's preferences, choose Advanced, and click on "manage certificates."

Firefox Advanced preferences

Click on the Authorities tab, then click on Import. You will be presented with a file browser window where you can choose the file you downloaded above.

Firefox certificate manager

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