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You have 2 main options for checking your Antiflux email.

  1. webmail (discontinued)
  2. An IMAP client like the Mail app on iOS/iPadOS/macOS, Thunderbird, or even Outlook
  3. Log in to with ssh and use mutt or pine

There are also more esoteric ways like using Fetchmail with SSL to get your email.

Generic mail client instructions

We use an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt that should be recognized by any modern mail client. You should always use SSL and shouldn't need to configure anything special.

Each mail client has its own UI for configuring accounts, but these are the important settings.

  • server type: IMAP
  • incoming mail server:
    • use SSL encryption (do not allow insecure authentication)
    • incoming mail server port: 993 (should be the default)
    • authentication: password
    • IMAP path prefix: (none)
  • outgoing mail server:
    • use SSL encryption
    • outgoing mail server port: 465 (should be the default)
    • authentication: password

Client-specific documentation

Here are some links to documentation for different mail clients.

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