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evan provided the following explanation in July, 2004.

The first use of would have been shortly after I moved into Thunderbird in June 1998. At that time, it was only used as an internal domain for a couple of machines that lived under my desk. Externally, I used was first registered in January 1999, shortly after announced it would be ceasing operations. We acquired, and over the next few years to achieve total TLD dominance. lived in my three rooms in Thunderbird and the iHoF server closet before the Merger. The exact configuration varied, but usually there was a firewall machine (486-something), a userhost (my Sparc classic), a file server (Pentium-266?) and a couple of other random machines hooked up. machines ran OpenBSD, FreeBSD, some flavour of Linux (Slackware, then Debian, I believe) and Solaris. and were separate machines until the official merger and move to Tera-Byte in December 2000.

/etc/passwd doesn't give you a exact record of who the first users were, but it's pretty close. On, it would have been me, x, cspencer, scottbro, mark, brendare, steve and holmes, as well as some people with accounts on both machines like grant, tim, tedmunds, ben, erin, michal and possibly others.

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